Social Media Management


Social Media Management Horsham

Having a strong social media presence is fundamental to the overall digital marketing strategy. When customers look into your business they will expect you to be on the top social networking sites and, more importantly, have an active account.

Social Media Management helps with cross platform marketing as whenever you post a new blog, video, news article etc. you can channel it through your social media platforms giving it a wider audience and bring in more traffic/exposure to your website.

Our social media management team specialises in (but not limited to) Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Once we have a basic understanding of your business and the market you operate in, we will undergo a social media campaign. This starts with the creation of all pages with detailed descriptions and links to your other online platforms, following/liking/adding relevant users and regularly posting on all your social media platforms with fresh content.

Growing your presence in social media communities is brilliant for free exposure. As more and more people flock to social media, what better place to get your company name out there! If the content you are posting is interesting and enjoyable for viewers to read, then the easier it is to expand your online presence, putting your business in the public eye, thus increasing your chances of attracting new customers.

Utilise The Armchair Athletes expertise and make the most out of your social media by

  • Creating targeted posts encouraging interaction and social shares
  • Providing a consistent stream of relevant content on all channels
  • Responding to every comment posted, ensuring complete engagement with audience