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Pay Per Click Horsham

Pay Per Click is a method of advertising on search engines such as Google. The idea behind PPC is that for every click your advert receives, a sum is paid to Google, basically meaning you pay a figure for each lead Google provides.

Pay Per Click is a great system for achieving instant, targeted traffic towards your site.

Typically these campaigns are run through Google therefore Google Adwords is the most commonly used software for PPC advertisement. The management of your Google Adwords account has to be impeccable to ensure you realize the maximum benefits of the advertisement campaign and achieve the highest possible conversion rate with the budget set. The advert needs to be linked to the most effective keywords, with the most suitable search volume, in order to have your ad appear more frequently, with a cost that is reasonable.

The layout of your Google Adwords account looks like the below;


PPC Example Image

This can look rather intimidating to an individual that isn’t trained in Pay Per Click management but that is OK.

This is where we come in.

Using The Armchair Athletes as your PPC managers allows us to tackle the campaign with our proven strategies to help create the most effective advertisements which lead to the most conversions/sales at the lowest possible cost, allowing your business to quickly start turning over clients and injecting turnover into your company.

We understand that you are here to make money and using an established proven method like Pay Per Click Management is a quick, effective way of doing so.


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“We where paying extortionate amounts of money towards our PPC campaign with a different Digital Marketing company. We were unaware we where overpaying at the time as it was our first encounter with PPC.

When we contracted Mike Jordan from The Armchair Athletes he was very clear with his strategy and within a few months we were saving up to 30% with each PPC lead. Considering we were paying thousands each month on this type of advertising it saved us a huge amount of money!”